James D. Laird
Professor of Psychology
Frances Hiatt School of Psychology                                     
Clark University
                    Jim Laird
E-mail:    jlaird@clarku.edu                     Office: 212A Jonas Clark Hall
                    Phone: (508) 793-7272
                    Home phone: (508) 636-7071

I am a social/personality psychologist and my work has been largely on emotions and other kinds of feelings, how they arise, how they are organized, and their role in behavior. In addition, I have done some work on personal epistomologies, psychological factors in medical adherence and outcome, and on feelings associated with memory and judgement.   You can find out more about these by clicking on the appropriate areas below. If you would like more information, please e-mail.


Note: I will be on sabbatical for the academic year 2000-2001.  I expect to spend the year in Paris, and will not be teaching.

Below is a listing of the courses I teach most regularly, some of which have other information available if you click on the title.

Psychology 101. General Psychology  I usually teach this in the Spring semsester, and Professor McHale teaches 101 in the Fall.  A syllabus for Spring 1999 is available at the click.

Psychology 105. Quantitative Methods.  I teach this intermittently, when Professor Vinden does not. 

Psychology 145. Psychophysiology.    I usually teach this course in the Fall semester. A copy of the course description and the syllabus from the last time appears at the click.

Psychology 221 Research in Social Psychology.   This is a group apprenticeship in research in which we do serious, potentially publishable research on various social-psychological problems, most commonly involving emotional processes.   It is taught most semesters.

Psychology 270. Advanced Topics in Social Psychology.  This is a seminar in which students write and present substantial research papers.  The specific topic within Social Psychology varies from year to year.  Ordinarily taught once a year.



Recent interesting(?) Professional news:

A book, edited by Bill Flack and I, was published by Oxford University Press in January, 1999. We invited people who did research on emotion to consider applications of their work to issues of psychopathology and treatment, and people who did research on psychopathology to consider how their work reflected on basic emotion theory. Of course, we are little biased, but we think the resulting chapters are very interesting. The book is Flack, W. F. & Laird, J.D. (Eds.) (1999) Emotions in psychopathology: Theory and research. New York: Oxford U. Press. A review of the book is about to appear in Contemporary Psychology
Descriptions of my research can be reached by clicking on the categories listed below.  In these descriptions, a number of very recent papers are cited.  With a couple of exceptions, I have only included very recent conference presentations or papers that are submitted or  in press, since my purpose here is to let people know about things they might not otherwise find out about.  If you want to know more, or want reprints of published work, please e-mail.

The major topic areas of my research are:

Emotions: The mechanisms of feelings with a self-perception bent.

Emotional Complexity across cultures, groups and individuals

World hypotheses as personality variables

Psychological factors leading to patient adherence to physicians' advice

                and to medical outcomes, especially of pregnancy
 Feelings in memory and judgment.
 My collaborators in some or all of  these projects include at the moment,

Nicholas Apostoleris

Rainer Diriwaechter
William Flack
Alex Genov
Traci Higgins
Marta Pelusi
Simone Schnall

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